Mosaic Microsystems proudly announces the addition of Brittany Hedrick as Senior Engineering Manager. Brittany brings a wealth of experience in silicon photonics integration, wafer finishing, and packaging assembly, which will propel Mosaic’s innovative glass interposer solutions to new heights.  Mosaic Microsystems, situated within the Eastman Business Park in Rochester, NY, is renowned for its rapid-paced application of thin glass towards replacing long standing silicon packaging solutions.

Brittany Hedrick joins Mosaic Microsystems from the role of Si Photonics Integration Engineer, with a robust professional background earned over the course of 12 years in the industry. She brings her expertise in a variety of fields, including 2.5D/3D packaging development, Si Photonics Post Fab enablement, and experience in the fabrication of both silicon and glass interposers. From her start as a Process Development Engineer to her role as Lead Post Fab Photonics Integrator, she has acquired a breadth of experience to apply at Mosaic.

“We are thrilled to welcome Brittany Hedrick to our team at Mosaic Microsystems,” said Shelby Nelson CTO of Mosaic Microsystems.


As the Senior Engineering Manager at Mosaic, Brittany will play a pivotal role in shaping the company’s future. Her responsibilities span from overseeing management of new projects to development of new glass packaging solutions. Brittany’s expertise will be instrumental in harmonizing processes, driving innovations in production quality, and addressing the diverse technical challenges presented by Mosaic’s clientele – which ranges from commercial customers to government contracts.

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