March 22, 2022 — Mosaic Microsystems, a microelectronics and photonics packaging company providing thin glass substrates and through-glass vias (TGVs) for next-generation products in RF communications, announced today that it is the recipient of the 2022 3D InCites Award for “Start-up of the Year.”

In its ninth year, the 3D InCites Awards program recognizes industry-wide contributions in the development of heterogeneous integration and 3D technologies. This year, there were a total of 51 nominees in 11 categories, with Mosaic earning a 4-1 vote and the honor of ‘Start-up of the Year.’


Mosaic CTO Shelby Nelson accepting the ‘Start-up of the Year’ award from 3D InCites Editorial Director, Françoise von Trapp


“Congratulations to Mosiac Microsystems and its entire team on this achievement. It’s great to see a start-up that was originally founded by women acknowledged in this way. We are happy to count Mosaic as part of the 3D InCites Community and look forward to supporting its growth,” said Françoise von Trapp, Queen of 3D, 3D InCites.

“We are honored to be selected as “Start-up of the Year” by the 3D InCites Awards panel and the community votes,” stated Shelby Nelson, CTO, Mosaic Microsystems. “As a start-up in advanced packaging, we are grateful for the recognition and proud to be a part of this dynamic community. Thank you to the 3D InCites team for creating this platform for recognition and to our community for voting for Mosaic.”

Founded in 2016, Mosaic Microsystems is a reliable source for thin glass interposers for microelectronic, photonic, RF/mmWave, MEMs and sensor technologies. Mosaic first leased cleanroom space in 2019 and has been shipping glass wafer products ever since. By 2022, Mosaic has grown to a technical team of nine, with experienced leadership from successful serial entrepreneur and CEO, Christine Whitman.

Mosaic’s thin glass wafers with precision through-glass vias (TGVs), are available in a range of integration levels. The simplest are thin TGV glass wafers, made either of fused silica or of glass thermally matched to silicon, bonded to a handle wafer with Mosaic’s proprietary Viaffirm® bond. Viaffirm is stable to temperatures over 400⁰ C, opening up the parameter space that can be used for top surface metallization and passive devices. Mosaic also provides void-free copper via-fill and RDLs, and works closely with customers to provide unique solutions for advanced packaging.

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