Rochester, November 28, 2022- Mosaic Microsystems and Chiplet Summit announce that Mosaic Microsystems will be a bronze sponsor of the First Annual Chiplet Summit to be held January 24-26 at the San Jose Doubletree Hotel. The Summit will cover the latest architectures, development platforms and methods, and applications. Expert panels will discuss best choices, as well as likely breakthroughs and long-term trends. Pre-conference seminars will introduce chiplets and their packaging, test, and integration. Other Summit features include an expert table session (with beer and pizza) and an annual update of technologies and markets.

According to Christopher Mann, “Mosaic Microsystems is proud to be a sponsor of the First Annual Chiplet Summit. We believe that this event will help promote the new chiplet technology, which will revolutionize the way in which leading-edge chips are developed. We will be a leader in the emergence of this new approach.”

According to Chuck Sobey, Chiplet Summit General Chair, “Chiplet Summit welcomes Mosaic Microsystems as a Sponsor of this inaugural event. Industry leaders, like Mosaic Microsystems, will play a major role in the emergence of chiplets through their products, services, and support for developing the chiplet ecosystem.”

About Mosaic Microsystems
Mosaic Microsystems is a microelectronics and photonics packaging company located in Rochester, NY focused on enabling glass and other thin substrates as a platform material for a range of microelectronics and photonics applications including interposers, RF/mmW, MEMS and sensor technologies. For more information, please visit

About the Chiplet Summit
Chiplet Summit showcases the emerging chiplets market. It features the trends and people leading the adoption of this new technology in designing a wide variety of extremely large integrated chips. The Summit is a product of Semper Technologies.

Contact for Mosaic Microsystems:
Christopher Mann

Contact for Chiplet Summit:
Elizabeth Leventhal

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